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Mockingbird Education


Mockingbird Education

Bird-Bite Webinars

Mockingbird Education offers FREE bite-size (35 minutes in length) webinars throughout the month. Bird Bite Webinars are online workshops that introduce participants to challenges in vulnerable learner education. 

Registration is limited and seats fill quickly.

Upcoming Bird-Bites

Bird-Bite Webinar: Attention, Comprehension, and Vulnerable Learners

  • What is attention and how does it impact learner comprehension?  In this Bird-Bite webinar, discover how  stress, trauma, poverty, and apathy impact a learner's ability to focus.  Applicable to all types of educators and instructional formats.
    • Date:  May 30, 2017
    • Time:  11:00-11:35 Central
    • Registration:  Full


Bird-Bite Webinar: Teaching Self-regulation Skills to Vulnerable Learners

  • What is self-regulation? How does it impact adolescent and adult learner behavior in a classroom?  In this Bird-Bite webinar, discover what mature learners need to self-regulate and suceed in a self-paced and mature classroom.    Applicable to ABE, alternative education, self-paced, and group learning instructional formats.
    • Date:  May 31, 2017
    • Time:  Time:  11:00-11:35 Central
    • Registration:  Full

Strategy Session:  Helping Learners Create New Cognitive Learning Habits

  • What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)? What role does CBT  play in instruction for vulnerable learners?  In this Bird-Bite webinar,  learn how CBT strategies are used in classroom settings including corrections, alternative ed, juvenile justice, intervention programs, etc. to help vulnerable learners overcome self-defeating and self-destructive cognitive behaviors.     Applicable to all types of educators and administrators.  
    • Date:  June 1, 2017
    • Time:  Time:  11:00-11:35 Central
    • Registration:  Full


Special Bird Webinars

Special Bird Webinars are information sessions for organizations with specific vulnerable learner needs such as juvenile justice, corrections, foster care, Headstart, Trio, Upward Bound, etc. 

  • Special Bird Webinar Sessions are invitation only.
  • Contact Mockingbird to determine if your organization qualifies.


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