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Mockingbird Education

MB Methodology

Mockingbird Education

Mockingbird Methodology Overview:

The Mockingbird Methodology is grounded in over 60 years of research and and evidence-based  principles from 5 major disciplines are critical to the methodology’s approach.  This body of research also guides our philosophy, services, and advocacy.

The Mockingbird Methodology addresses the whole learner.  Research indicates that there  is a deep connection between performance and the psychology of performance.  Our strategies infuse essential skills with learner readiness skills so learners develop skill and confidence simultaneously.  Learners develop skills and the 'mental game' behind the skills. 

Additionally, our strategies teach learners how to interact and participate in a variety of learning context so that they maximize their success.  We understand that vulnerable learners are reluctant participants and often lack the confidence and motivation to engage fully.  We also understand that vulnerable learners often struggle engaging their learned skills and knowledge in different contexts (such as work or personal life). As a result, the Mockingbird Methodology blends prosocial and cultural-code switching skills into our approach.


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