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Vulnerable learners are unique learners.


Vulnerable learners are learners that are emotionally, socially, and/or developmentally susceptible to harm and whose existing range of options are severely limited by the barriers present in their lives. 

Some of these barriers include:

  • Academic deficiency
  • Poverty
  • Incarceration
  • Trauma
  • Substance abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Instability
  • Gang involvement
  • Second language acquisition
  • Unemployment
  • Under-employment
  • Lack of employability skills and training
  •  ABE certificate attainment challenges

These vulnerabilities and limitations impact learner success in a classroom.  As learners, many struggle with:

  • comprehending academic content
  • attention and self-regulation during classroom learning
  • behavior management challenges
  • regulating their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors
  • impulsive and sometimes self destructive behaviors
  • engagement, apathy, and motivation?
  • diagnosed and undiagnosed learning difference or disabilities

As a result, specialized instruction and support is needed to guide these learners through their classroom and instructional experience.  

Mockingbird Education can help!


We develop instructional talent in educators and programs who work with the most reluctant and demanding learners.  For nearly 20 years, we have focused on the research, the content expertise, and the instructional strategies to best provide equitable and engaging learning experiences for vulnerable learners.    Our strategies are so simple, anyone can implement them.  Our strategies are so effective, there is immediate improvement in learner attention, motivation, and most importantly, learner progress.

Are you ready to develop your instructional talent?  Are you ready to develop the instructional talent of your staff?


We recommend attending a Mockingbird Methodology workshop or collaborating with a Mockingbird Facilitator to customize a Methodology workshop for your staff.  We provide onsite and online professional development workshops and a limited number of public workshops

Learn instructional strategies to teach the most vulnerable learners, in the most difficult circumstances, and with  the least amount of resources.

Let's get started. Send us an email or give us a call at 469-261-3557 to learn more.

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