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Who are Vulnerable Learners?

Who are Vulnerable Learners?

Vulnerable learners are learners that are emotionally, socially, and/or developmentally susceptible to harm and whose existing range of options are severely limited by the barriers present in their lives. 


These vulnerabilities and limitations impact learner success.   As learners, many struggle with:

  • comprehending academic content
  • attention and self-regulation during classroom learning
  • behavior management challenges
  • regulating their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors
  • impulsive and sometimes self destructive behaviors?
  • engagement, apathy, and motivation?
  • diagnosed and undiagnosed learning difference or disabilities

Vulnerable Learners  need specialized support and instruction.  Even experienced educators are overwhelmed by the challenges of helping learners with vulnerabilities. 



How can Mockingbird Education Help?

  • We help organizations develop internal capacity in learning and development to address educational trauma
  • We help educators develop their instructional talent to meet the needs of vulnerable learners. 
  • We help programs develop curriculum to meet vulnerable learner needs.

Mockingbird can provide a variety of solutions.  Send us an email.  Let's talk! 

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